Transport progress

Transport under test. Overview of MK 3-BT controller.

Transport under test. Reverse angle of MK 3-BT controller.

Detail of suspending CFL from a UMAX astra in order to test system with wurlitzer 150 rolls.

Transport sub assembly.

Overview of origional IAMMP capstain assembly.

Detail of origional capstan gearing. Newer versions use a pinch roller instead of 1:1 gears.

Maddalena Cis roll viewer/editor. (beta software) Needs the *.ini and *.tab files in the same folder as the app to run

SSSS.CIS Sample CIS file fragment of "Stars and stripes" in Wurlitzer 150 format.

SSSS.mid Sample CIS file fragment of "Stars and stripes" converted from Wurlitzer 150 format. Not edited and no tempo compensation.

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