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Index of the parts

A Plates of the principle mechanism

B1 Lower movement plates

C1 Deck with pins and bridges for the finger action

C2 Cams for the rotation of the lower arm

C3 Cams for movement of the upper body

C4 Square for rewinding the bellows motor

C5 Gearwheel of cylinder C

E1 Transmission of the finger motion to the elbow

F Lower arms shaft

R Start lever

b1 Rewinding square of (b)

b2 Rewinding pinion

b3 Rewinding wheel

c Bellows motor rewinding pinion

d notched cam for starting and stopping the

movement of the musician

d1 Stop lever

d2 Stop tab

d3 Endless Screw

d4 fan for regulation of the speed of the tune

d5 Bellows motor rewind wheel

e1 Finger levers

f Lower arm arbor pivot

f1 Lower arm return leaf spring

f2 Lower arm lever

f3 Vertical lever commanding the lower arms

f4 Regulation screws

f5 Bellows motor connecting rod

l Motor for the movement of the head and