Welcome to the amusement park of Delightful toys.  The Blog and writings of Julie S. Porter.

Here you will find progress updates on projects to recreate early computing devices, such as the calculating engines of Charles Babbage or the Antikeythera device, and early geared assembly from about 100B.C.  This is the Egyptian hall of mystery.

Or you might step over the the midway and see progress or plans for Band organs or the intractly carved European Fairgrounds organs.

There is also a steampunk styled watch and clock shop for making these attractions.   This is the mainenance yard.  A lot happens here.

We will not say much about Robert-Houdin’s magic shop.  Of course the results of the illusions are intended for the delight of the audience.

What would an amusement park be, without the philosophy of the Fortune tellers ally. Hanging Sward Lane, is where  you might find the Ghost of John Dee or Descartes.

Rocket row, is  the  place to park your dirigible.   This is a practical area, where rocket are launched.  S.E.T.I is discussed, and the aesthetics of the future are analyzed.

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