From a TARDIS near by

I had to make one of these for myself

It is so easy to put off updating the ol blog. I have been rather busy with several mechanical music jobs, one was a bell unit for an Artizan, The other is a Cremona stack rebuild. It does not help that I am fixing up my shop while working on these things. Not to mention I have a liking for Doctor Who.

The Cremona stack is a challenge, Each pallet has to be drilled and fitted in place. more on this in a future blog.

And then there is the Dickens fair, Which means nothing gets done between October and the first of the year. Managed to get a friend to grab a photo of me. So the photo is credit to Ross Bernheim:

As it is after the first of the year, The blog is getting updated.

The Amy doll was a test for some puppets I am making for a future dickens fair. With luck, sometime in the next few months there will be some activity and previews here and elsewhere.

The comics on spiralsheep are getting some progress too. Spent most of the day updating comic press on that site. More comics have been scanned, a new drive for the G3 and my old copy of photoshop and the wacom tablet re-installed. Hard drive failures are no fun, even when there is a backup. Installing from CDs and original disks takes days if not weeks of time to locate every little driver detail.

This is just an interim update , as The blog seems to have been stuck on Mars for ever too long.