Day 3 – Make a busker organ in a week.

As Sunday was a bit of a holiday, I did not have time to update the blog. There was time to drill the valve holes then cut and fit the valve leather.

Day 3, Monday was busy covering the bellows with leather.  An alternative method of covering the bellows is shown in the gallery of today’s images.  A click on the image below should display the steps I used to cover the bellows.

While I was working on the bellows.  My friend, who made the tracker bar, made a crankshaft for this organ.

The next step will be to construct the pressure box.  The wood for the pressure box  and the case sides is made from scraps of cherry, which are glued with carpenters glue and under clamps for the night.   The next goal is to get this assembled and the bellows installed for testing.