Day 7, everything but the pipes.

Technically, the parts for this organ were made in a week give or take a few days.

Making the pipes was saved for the last task. Debugging the pumps, took more effort than expected. The valve design chosen was the alternative one. The valve leather I had left over from another project has been stored rolled up. This needs to lie flat for awhile. When the pump sticks were connected, the valves did not fully seat and the back pressure blew out the side of one of the feeders.

At least the check valve flaps are easily accessible. Holes were drilled where the corner tacks pass through the material. This allows the leather to lie relaxed on the valve seat.

another issue was that the releaf valve was not centered on the hole. Once these issues were corrected the system pumps a steady 4 inches of wind.


By the time the pumps were working, It was too late to cut the wood for the pipe sides. The wood has been re-sawed into thin sheets. These need to be cut into rectangles, starting with the largest pipes in the group.


As for the player unit, My friend Harold, who got me started on this project, Is making some of the needed items, such as the spool holder, and idler clutch assembly. These will be ready in the morning. So I plan to attend the MBSI event and at least show what can be done in a week.

If there is time, some pipes may be made for the events on Sunday. The nice thing about this project is that even if it could not be done in a week, It will get done, and be a nice addition to the collection.