Bird in a box.

Somewhere I seem to have lost almost a year. Should you find it, please return it. Hopefully I can maintain a better blogging schedule. There are some exiting new things happening.

Last spring I came close to making a small 20 note organ in 1 week. Everything was completed except the pipework. Shortly after I started making and voicing the pipes, a family of birds moved in and made a nest in a box of pallets, which are for my w146 band organ.

It was difficult getting photographs of the birds. With some effort I managed to snap this picture. The birds were bold and seemed to enjoy watching me voice the pipes. Later when I took the nest apart after the young one left, I discovered that they were using the shavings from the pipes, as I made the pipes! Clever birds.

Bird who moved in

Bird in a box

Finally a I got around to downloading the photographs of the completed pipes. Here is the image.

It has taken me some months to get these items uploaded. I was called back in to complete the Theater organ I was installing. This project took until October of 2009!.

The 20 note organ was a success. I was able to take it to Several events and rallies. Below is a photograph from 2009 sutter creek.

I was also able to take the little 20 note organ to Participate in the 2009 Dickens Christmas Fair. Since the photographs were taken I added a nice top. I also made a new costume. Part of the reason I have been behind on my blogging. Of course, when one is so busy with a production like Dickens (there were 1000 performers this year) I have no photographs of me entertaining the folk entering the cow palace.

If someone did get a photograph, I would like to see it. Of course I have plenty of photographs from when I was in the Dark Garden window. That seems to be the nature of the show.